We believe technology adoption is key to achieve success.

We are a consulting team with focus on

  • Advanced connected technologies

We take a human-centered perspective to accelerate innovation and improve technology adoption

  1. Technology adoption is the result of balancing short and long term goals and strategies

  2. Technology adoption and technology commercialization are most successful in a diverse ecosystem with strong partnerships

  3. We see technology adoption as the end goal from which we backtrack to define executable strategies that lead to the development of actionable and measurable projects

  4. These projects are executed in an interdisciplinary setting where participants collaborate with an agile mindset. Throughout the execution of these projects we monitor the four forces shaping Innovation and technology adoption outcomes:

    Organization: Is the right product/service being developed and sold?

    Market: In what context is the organization operating?

    User: Does the organization deliver measurable value to the end user? Does the organization understand the behavior of their customers?

    Adoption process: What are factors supporting or inhibiting successful adoption?

Why is adoption relevant?

Relevance for the user

  • Adoption ensures value delivery to end user by creating a user centric product/service/value proposition

Relevance for marketing

  • Optimize brand and value positioning

Relevance for organizational strategy

  • Shapes design of the business and operating model

  • Contributes to evaluating, benchmarking and optimizing investment strategy

  • Helps understand consumer behavior

  • Guides the development and delivery of successful consumer experience

Relevance for sales

  • Identifies strategic partners and sales channels